Model crush: Simon Nessman

Simon Nessman Born in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada.

Discovered when a friend's sister sent photos of him to Mode Models in Calgary Alberta.

Interests include sports, especially basketball & surfing, watching Seinfeld, and learning to play guitar. So, he's kinda perfect guy!

In his blog JDVision, JD Ferguson posts an interview with Simon in which he explains his obsession with the model: "My obsession with you is more from a professional standpoint, really. It's more about the perfection of your face, which I know must seem incredibly shallow, but for me (and countless others) your beauty is somewhat classic and a bit iconic." To this Simon replied, "At least it's a healthy obsession." 

This pre-Raphaelite beauty exudes an innocence and romantic beauty unlike any other model out there.

 Season after season, his impeccable showings in the campaign/editorial/runway madness reflect what an incredible life force this young man exudes. Important to remain inimitable, no?

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