Beauty lessons from France

French girls had je ne sais quoi - something special, what words can not describe. However, it is possible to listen to their advices.

Stop collecting cosmetics

French girls are faithful to their time inspected and enjoyed beauty weapons.

Visit your beautician every season
Face cleaning has to become a routine, not a luxury.

Do not be afraid to appear naked...
No, not without clothes, but without your make up. French girls always shine with their natural beauty.

...but with red lips
This color associates with France from the old times.

Enjoy the natural texture of your hair
Curly, straight, wavy, even standing erect - french girls votes for a natural hair. Most importantly, that they have to be healthy.

Don't be ashamed of silver

"Some good old strands only indicates that you have far more interesting activities than to spend time in a beauty salon at Saturday",- claims french publicist Marie-Laure Furnier.

Source: www.cosmopolitan.lt

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