Fashion trends: spring/summer 2014

Three best words to describe trends for this season: varied, strange and inappropriate.


In our wardrobe's this season must be emerald green, red, lavender purple (no matter what color saturation and intensity), soft pink, metal shades and blue palette.


Spots, stripes, blocks, animal fur motives, jungle, floral... This season more will be better!

Breaking the rules

Just will have to break a few established rules: 
  1. The mottled fabric combine monochrome; 
  2. The blown blouses, tight-fitting pants or skirt; 
  3. Prepare only very similar to each other fabrics.
You will have to break all this rules now! If you're wearing easy fluttering skirt, then you  need a wool sweater! Silk blouse? Cotton skirt will be just perfect... It sounds weird, but a little endeavoring will make you look great. Most important is imagination!

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